Many people ask if ‘Inner Peace’ Zen Qigong is like Tai Chi?

The answer is, NO –

T’ai Chi is wonderful and once mastered, it flows beautifully – but there is a lot to remember in T’ai Chi.   There are 108 moves and each move has a unique position and nuance.  It takes considerable time and commitment to remember the moves and master the subtle aspects.

In the case of ‘Inner Peace’ Zen Qigong, there is actually nothing to remember.  In fact, the teacher’s job is to get you out of your head. Another key point with Inner Peace Zen Qigong is that you cant get it wrong.

Your only job, as the instructor emphasizes in each class is, “how soft can you make your body?”  

Some of the key principles in this Qigong form are “energy moves through a soft body” and “where mind goes, energy follows”.   This form of Qigong also teaches  ‘mastering the mind’, steps to inner stillness and ‘quiet mind’.

Another question one might ask is, “Is Inner Peace Zen QiGong like Yoga?

– Again, the answer is, NO –

Although in Pon Klie Zen Qigong we do some very light stretches at first to open the sen lines (energy lines), overall the emphasis is different.

Note: Inner Peace Zen Qigong is very soft and it can be done by almost anyone, at any age.  Benefits are felt from the very first class.