Sharing Inner Light Members

Our ‘Sharing Inner Light’ Members support the needs of our Centre as a way to grow and help others. QiGong is about Healing and Love. The same applies to Zen. Zen is also about Oneness, Harmony and in a tangible way, it supports World Peace and greater understanding among our one global village.

Our “Sharing Inner Light” Members are some of the warmest, kindest, most generous people we know. Become a “Sharing Inner Light” Member for a month, a quarter or a year. Bo Kwang Community Inner Light Members help us to tangibly / measurably touch people’s lives in a positive way and expand our community support. They are on the front end of our Outreach and what we offer.

What Do Sharing Inner Light Members Do? 

Fall Qigong Community Retreat 2014

Fall Qigong Community Retreat 2014

Our ‘Sharing Inner Light’ members provide essential assistance, services, technical support, space / locations for meetings, programs, community support, creative ideas and so much more. They are leaders in our community who want to give back by supporting the Centre.

In return they receive the satisfaction of knowing they are personally helping to plant seeds of inner peace, healing in the community and supporting peace in the world.

Because our Community “Sharing Inner Light” Members are in greater contact with our community and Zen circle at large – additional inner training opportunities are offered to them.