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Full Inner Peace QiGong Program

Join Our ‘Inner Peace’ Qigong classes – TORONTO, BRAMPTON, OAKVILLE, MISSISSAUGA…

Qigong exercises are powerful, simple to learn, easy to practice, and readily accessible to people of various ages, abilities and skill levels.

As Oprah Winfrey’s favorite M.D., Dr. Oz pointed out recently on her show,

“Qigong is the best longevity exercise”.

There are thousands of scientific studies that show Qigong has helped many people to significantly reduce stress and cortisol levels (cortisol is known as the stress hormone), combat heart disease, cancer, boost immune system function, improve balance, lower blood pressure, modulate disorders of mood and so much more.  Help us to make this a regular evening class in Brampton.  Register today!

More about this Class:

Soft Pon Klie Zen Qigong leads to the deep release of stress and dis-ease and the restoring of one’s energy.  It also opens meridian channels and the reconnection to the Universal Qi field.

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