Wellbeing with Qi-TodayThe word ‘Qi’ in Qigong means, ‪‎energy or life force, and ‘gong’, means, work. Qigong involves easy and gentle body movements and focused inner Qigong techniques to cleanse, strengthen, and enhance the natural flow of Qi in the ‪‎body.




Vibrant-Qi-TodayStress creates a hormone in the body called, Cortisol. A little cortisol can help us deal with life’s ‘waves’; however, a steady stream of high levels of cortisol becomes toxic.

How can we de-stress?
Through the practice of QiGong and Meditation.

Just 10 minutes of Qigong and meditation each day, can harmonize the mind-body relationship – helping us feel more peaceful and vibrantly young.





Inner Peace QiGong

Often, many of our qigong‬ members say that a 90-minute ‎class feels like only 15-minutes went by and they want to continue …

When we use the time each day to share with ourselves and others, in ‎loving ‎kindness, unsupportive thoughts fall away. This creates the appearance of “time flying”.




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