“Qigong allows us to come back into alignment with the Natural Rhythm of Nature.” 

– Hae Kwang Sunim

Qigong is an energy cultivation exercise linked to mind-body medicine.  It involves easy and gentle body movements and focused inner Qigong techniques to cleanse, strengthen, and enhance the natural flow of vital energy in the body called Qi or Ch’i.

The word ‘Qi’ in QiGong means ‘energy’ or ‘life force’, and Gong, means ‘work’. The ancient practice of Qigong is aimed at assisting us with balancing, recharging and enhancing Qi.

There are well over a thousand different styles of Qigong but generally speaking, they are grouped into two categories of practice: Internal and External.  Internal Qigong involves different movements and meditation and is often performed in a group.  External Qigong, also known as ‘Qi Emission Energy Therapy’, involves having a trained instructor or qualified practitioner project into and balance the energy of the recipient (similar in some ways to ‘Reiki’ or ‘Therapeutic Touch’).

The form of QiGong we teach is called, Pon Klie (Bad Stress Out) Zen Qi-Gong.  Over the course of the program, we share a number of different energy healing techniques and QiGong tools that help clear the energy pathways while suffusing Qi to all parts of the body. 

Some of the techniques such as open-hole breathing, wave breath, blue line therapy and P.K. mindfulness practices are used to help practitioners:

  • Manage pain
  • Clear muscle tension
  • Reduce unsupportive thoughts
  • Rest the nervous system
  • Increase energy

Pon Klie Kwon Sow (from Thailand) is also shared to help with emotions and to improve sleep quality.  These self-directed exercises and tools aid in empowering practitioners to manage and strengthen their own energy and to see that they can be an integral part of their own healing process.

There is good reason why over 200 million people now do this mind-body medicine practice from the East.  It helps the body come back into alignment with the natural rhythm of nature.  It restores yin-yang balance and it helps the body build reserve.

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