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“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it!”

~ Lao Tzu ~

Classes in Toronto and throughout the G.T.A.

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Qi-Gong exercises are powerful, simple to learn, easy to practice, and readily accessible to people of various ages, abilities and skill levels.



Enter the gateway to a fast growing community of warm, like-minded people.

Together, explore the healing power of Pon Klie (Bad Stress Out) Zen Qigong & P.K. teachings on restoring Inner Balance & Harmony.

What is Qi-Gong?


The ancient practice of Qigong is an energy cultivation exercise linked to mind-body medicine. People have been practicing qigong for at least 5,000 years to achieve a greater sense of well-being.
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We invite you to join our Qigong class to discover the benefits for your Self. Each class includes Pon Klie Zen QiGong, “Experiential” Qi Energy Infusion & Healing Instruction, and Meditation.

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Community is as strong as its roots. You’re welcome to join a growing community of members and volunteers to help us plant deep seeds and remain vital as a community for many generations to come.

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Hai Kwang Sunim

Hai Kwang Sunim


The founder and teacher of ‘Inner Peace Zen QiGong’, Hae Kwang Sunim, has trained in Thailand and Korea. For over a decade, Hae Kwang Sunim has been conducting classes and workshops across Ontario and…READ MORE


Thoughts Are Like Shadows

Thoughts are like shadows that endlessly come and go. Each wants you to see a self in them. Go deeper. Let the shadows come and go. Feel what they bring to the body. Allow the space for them to visit. Don't entangle a self in them...allow... allow it...

What QiGong exercises are NOT

Following are answers to a couple of questions you might be asking regarding QiGong exercises compared to Tai Chi and Yoga.   Is ‘Inner Peace’ Zen QiGong exercise like Tai Chi?   – The answer is, NO –   T’ai Chi is wonderful and once...

Wonderful QiGong Meditation Classes at Unity Mississauga

Another wonderful gathering on Saturday at Unity Mississauga. After our QiGong and Meditation classes, we had our tea ceremony and great sharing! We are at Unity Oakville every other Saturday. Wonderful group!   Last night we had our community live...

Decrease stress with QiGong practice

Stress creates a hormone in the body called, Cortisol. A little cortisol can help us deal with life's 'waves'; however, a steady stream of high levels of cortisol becomes toxic.   How can we decrease stress in our lives? Through the practice of QiGong...

Meditation – Surrender to True Self

“If you truly knew who you are... all seeking to complete yourself would naturally cease on its own. Gratitude would simply fill the heart.   The path is Wu Wei (無爲(무위), Doing Non-Doing, Returning Home, Surrender. Only over thinking makes it...

Grow The Heart

De-Stress, Deeply Harmonize Mind, Body, Qi and More.   Grow the heart and keep growing it by witnessing our vulnerabilities, without attaching judgements to them. Recognize the way past events inform the present-day thinking and actions. Learn to keep...

What does the word “Qi” in QiGong mean?

The word ‘Qi’ in "QiGong" means, ‪‎energy‬ or life force, and ‘Gong’, means, work (or to cultivate). QiGong involves easy and gentle body movements and focused inner QiGong techniques to ‪cleanse‬, strengthen, and enhance the natural flow of ‪Qi‬ in the...


What members and students are saying about our QiGong and Meditation classes...

An extremely rewarding experience. Thank you for being a conduit to greater discoveries!

Paula, Mississauga

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